Our Testimonials


    “I was amazed that some of the young entrepreneurs got into their trade in their early teens while still in school! I am privileged to be a part of the action and wish Alp every success in it’s bid to spur greater entrepreneurialism and Investment savvy amongst the youths in Singapore.”

    Mr Walter Lim

    Former Director of Corporate Communications at the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS)


    “Alp is a fantastic platform for you to meet like-minded entrepreneurs and discover great business opportunities. No matter if you are a successful business man or someone who just started a business, you will find joining this club is the right choice to do in order to fulfill your entrepreneurial ambitions.” 

    -Mr Shanison Lin

    Founder of InvestingNote,  Subsidiary of Singapore Press Holdings



    “Alp is focused on building an entrepreneurial movement dedicated to inspire and connect entrepreneurs from any industry. A place where disruptive ideas and innovation are a norm. I am glad to be part of their dynamic community and hope to see more business ideas and goals come into fruition!” 

    -Mr Daryl Png

    Founder of RC9, headquartered in Singapore



  • yuchuan

    ” I had Cehan as my investing coach, and i have to say, he has been a far lot more than that. He has been a friend, a bro. Despite me turning him down so many times, he knew the benefits of learning to invest and he wanted that for me, hence he kept trying to convince me to learn. After i finally agreed, he taught me the ways of investing by having frequent meetups, bringing me to various seminars and personally teaching me every step of the way. He has been very patient and his teachings have benefited me immensely. I can’t thank him enough. Cheers to my man cehan and his passion towards investing. “

    – Xu Yuchuan

    Singapore NSF

    “The Investment Software saved me tons of time during my research on companies’ financial data. In addition, the software comes with lots of functions that really help me through my Investment Journey. Thanks Guo Yong for introduce me into this club! “

    – Shina Tan

    PWC Accountant

    “A lot of information well explained by the mentor. Thought provoking and very interesting course. One of the cheapest courses in the market. Recommended.”

    – Soochu Tan

    Worked at Great Eastern

    “After joining Alp Investment Club, I understood how vast the world of investing is and without proper research, it would be dangerous to invest just listening to rumors. Alp Investment Club taught me many tips and lessons as well as providing a suitable platform for members to engage. Many investment insights were shared amongst our whatsapp group by members of different backgrounds, thus it provided many unique perspectives to the world of Investing”.

    – Yeo Zonghan

    Student of Marketing at Temasek Polytechnic




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