National Social Enterprise Challenge 2017

  • Summary

    Alp together with our partners are co-organizing a social entrepreneurship competition across universities and private institutions (18-29 years old) in Singapore. Teams of youths are to compete with one another to get into the top 3, and all participating team will be mentored by a team of experts from beginning to end.

    The top 3 teams from each category with the highest fundraise for the charity of their choice will be awarded attractive prizes. 


    • To empower youths to be young change makers in Singapore through healthy competition.
    • To provide exposure and opportunities for charities to be adopted as causes as well as providing youths with exposure of the non-profit sector
    • To instill entrepreneurial skills in the younger generation through the journey of carrying out their VIA project.


    • Community Chest
    • Environment
    • Animals
    • Others

    Ages and number per team

    18 – 29 years old; form a team of 3-5

    Competition roadmap


    How We Select?

    Express your interest by filling in the form below!

    We will get back to you shortly. 


    List of official sponsors:

    • National Youth Council
    • Sin Mue Mue Pte Ltd
    • Sticky
    • 8 Days
    • TimeZone
    • Ribena
    • Crocodile
    • Polaroid
    • Collin’s Movers
    • BIC
    • Entrepreneurship Hub Pte Ltd
    • Furma Riverfront Hotel

    Photos of Social Enterprise Challenge 2014


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