The Management

Alp Group is managed by an elected upper management team which is helmed by the CEO. An advisory board was formed to provide non-binding strategic advice to the CEO. The upper management team comprises the President, Vice-President and the Secretary, supported by Executive Directors from each department and their supporting management teams.

  • Upper Management

Chu Cehan, Founder & CEO

Chu Cehan oversees the group direction and strategy of Alp, focusing on leadership, innovation, day-to-day operations and partnerships. In short, he is responsible for all executive management matters affecting the Group. For any enquiries, you can email to

Lujian, President

The President assures that the group is making timely progress toward the fulfillment of its strategic plan. Lujian also serves as the public face of the company to clients, stakeholders and partners. For any enquiries, you can email to

Jorathon Tan, Vice-President

Jorathon is responsible for carrying out the strategic plan through overseeing operations, developing functional roles and assigning responsibilities to the management team who report to them. For any enquiries, you can email to

Germaine Tan, Secretary

An excellent secretary with a proven track record of successfully managing simultaneous projects. A strong administrative background coupled with excellent computer skills facilitates the provision of complete secretarial support for the management. For any enquiries, you can email to

  • Publishing Department

Darryl Lim, Executive Director & Editor-In-Chief of Publishing Department

Darryl Lim is the Publishing Director and Editor of Alp. He believes in delivering refreshing insights into a wide range of topics, in an engaging and easily digestible format. For any enquiries, you can email to

Lam Zhi Yong Daniel, Publishing Manager

Daniel is responsible for curating, editing, and publishing high quality content onto our digital storefronts. In addition, he helps to seek partnerships with other authors in order to generate high quality content for our readers. For any enquiries, you can email to

  • Entrepreneurial Department

Xu Yuchuan, Executive Director of Entrepreneurial Department

Xu Yuchuan leads Alp Biz’s efforts to assists members and the public in developing their entrepreneurial skills, launching and growing ventures and connecting them with the vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem in Singapore. For any enquiries, you can email to

Li Jia Ning, Project Manager

Li Jia Ning is responsible for leading a project from its inception to execution. This includes planning, execution and managing the people, resources and scope of the project. The project manager has full responsibility and authority to complete the assigned project. For any enquiries, you can email to

Shi Jun Xian, Regional Sales Manager

Shi Jun Xian is responsible for meeting the sales targets of the organization through effective planning and budgeting. He is the one who sets the targets for the sales executives and other sales representatives regionally. For any enquiries, you can email to

  • Investment Department

Matthew Tang, Executive Director of Investment Department

Matthew is responsible for overall Alp Investment strategy. He wants to empower and equip as many investors as possible across Singapore, with the knowledge and life skills that they need to achieve financial freedom. For any enquiries, you can email to

  • Marketing Department

Seow Hongkai, Executive Director of Marketing Department

Seow Hongkai is in charge of the group’s overall marketing and sales operations. In addition to marketing development efforts, he also directs the group media relations, branding, advertising and website development. For any enquiries, you can email to

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