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(2 Aug 2017) Close: S$0.064

Mean Target price: No research houses covering 8Telecom. No consensus estimates are available

1. Sector: Infrastructure

2. Core business structure: Telecommunication; Property

3. Segment that generates the highest revenue: Telecommunications and other Towers

4. Countries that the business operates: China

5. Challenges: Feeble Chinese economy; Chinese stock markets underwent key sell-offs.

6. Strengths: The group holds 128 patents and 73 registered trademarks; Managed to lower operating costs in 2015.

7. Significant events: More money was funneled into research to tap onto the 4G rollout; phase 1 building of commercial properties the Zhejiang province was completed on schedule


8. Alp Conclusion:

2016 was an unfortunately modest year for the company due to the poor economic performance in China, leading to decreases in revenue and profits. However, to stay ahead of the competition, the company has dedicated resources to R&D, and is intending to further its operations into the property market in Zhejiang to obtain rental income. With the rollout of the 4G network and rise in consumer demand for electronic means of communications, there exists multiple prospects for growth despite the immediate economic downturn in 2016.

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