Business Spotlight: BTME Corporate

BTME Corporate

Brief description of yourself and if any, co-founder(s)
Marcus Eng
Managing Director of the company. Specialised in IT consulting & Digital Marketing

Brayden Teng
Business Development Director of the company. Handling the sales and business development aspect of the business

Dawn Lim
UX/UI Designer of our company, assist us with her critical insight and help ensure Grant Uncle experience is optimised and more interactive

Anura Dias
Our Technology lead that make our ideas come true with his experience in programming

Jun Xiang
Our Super intern that is self driven and able to plan a strategy to achieve the goal we set for him

Zenice Lim
Bubbly IT consultant who is able to recommend solutions helpful for your growth

Carine Loh
Business Development Executive assisting SME and grow with minimal cost by advising the right grants for them

A few words about your business
BTME Corporate Services is a forward thinking consultancy company focusing on innovative solutions and reaching out to business owners with in-house artificial intelligence

The most unique point of your business that sets you apart
We understand the reach of the business is limited to how many clients we can serve a day. Usually we can only meet 2-3 clients within 8 hours.Hence, we reach out to more people with Grant Uncle, a special chatbot to advise SMEs on grants and help them grow their businesses.

Grant Uncle
Above: Grant Uncle is a chatbot that takes on a light-hearted tone, of a Singaporean Uncle well versed in “Singlish”.

What made you start this business
Before we started this business, we have prior experience of advising our clients related to grants and clients are generally much more willing to work with us if the cost can be lower. Hence, we started this business with the intention to help these business be able to maximise their growth, simply the process to claim grants and connect them to the right partner/vendor.

Where do you see your business in 5 years time
We see that we’ll be a tech company advising our clients through our AI and helping them to claim grants and the team behind their business growth.

What motivates you
The sense of achievement when we help a business to scale to greater heights! 

A few tips for new entrepreneurs
I think new entrepreneurs need to network more. Your network is vital for your company success

In one word, characterise your life as an entrepreneur

Your motto in life
Build, test, learn and repeat!

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