9 Ways To Validate Your Startup Ideas


Entrepreneurship has been an age-old pursuit and in recent years, startups are also becoming an increasingly common thing. However, a great number also failed and went back to the drawing board for many times. It is one thing to create an innovative idea, research about it, and develop a product or service out of it. But it is another story building a successful business from your startup idea.

Imagine going through all the hassle of nurturing your project, like your own baby with the gut feeling that it would succeed despite the odds. Yet things end up failing because no one is patronizing your product or service. You would have wasted time, money, and other resources and pouring yourself into creating, designing, and building only to find out every effort you put into it ends in nothing. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Before launching your next big idea, you have to validate it first.

By validating, you are able to make a calculated guess whether or not your million-dollar idea is worth all the sweat, blood, and tears. At the very least, you are able to make a calculated risk. This is crucial if this is your first time in venturing into the business world.


The infographic below covers some pointers on how to do so!

9 Ways to Validate Your Startup Ideas (SBO)

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