Valuetronic Holding In Focus

Valuetronic Holding (BN2)

(4 Sep 2015) close: S$0.37

Target price: S$0.50
     1.)   Sector: Industrials

     2.)   Core business structure: Consumer Electronics AND Industrial and Commercial Electronics

     3.)   Segment that generates the highest revenue: Consumer Electronics contributed 60.6% of the group total revenue.

     4.)   Countries that the business operates: USA, CHINA, Canada, Netherlands and other countries.USA contributed the most for the group total revenue.

     5.)   Challenges: Significant rising labour costs in the PRC due to annual increases in the minimum wage, continued to impact the group operational cost.

     6.)   Strengths: Valuetronics continued to benefit from the strong performance in our Industrial and Commercial (“ICE”) segment, due to our continued focus on growing this segment.

7.)   Significant events: No significant events reported in the latest 2015 annual report.

8.) GTI Ranking(last column) : 154
      9.)   TABLE:
       10.)   Recommendation: Hold. Revenue decreases, mainly attributable to the slowdown in demand from the Group main Consumer Electronic (“CE”) customers in the LED lighting business. 

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